Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 93

I appreciate your patience throughout my absence.  Not only did taxes get the best of my time, but work started getting alot heavier since we were going to be affected by the potential government shutdown.  Now that THAT'S over (yeah, RIGHT!!), I'll try to play catch-up on here.

April 2

Large hole discovered in Southwest Airlines flight

I have to admit, when this happened, I didn't hear about it until the following week.  I've been on plenty of flights in my time.  If this had happened to me, I'd probably have needed a change of shorts after we landed.  Then, I'd be a rich man! 

Charlie Sheen booed in Detroit

You pay money (good money, at that!) to see a show that you have no idea about, and you're surprised when it isn't what you wanted???  Morons.


  1. Yeah i dont get why the Charlie Sheen thing was such a news story, considering his following shows were great and no one booed. You barely heard that in the news though because the media has always decided which sides its going to take on the Sheen issue. Its a shame.

  2. good old charlie, he really knows what the fans like

  3. The whole charley sheen thing is ridiculous, it was obviously gunna be a bit culty. I just dont know what they were expecting.

  4. I have to admit, the fact that's his show is as successful as it is just goes to show that Sheen was obviously on to something. It's hard to argue with success!