Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 69

$50 spending limit on debit cards coming soon

If you didn't see this coming when the federal government got involved with bank fees, then you were either not paying attention, didn't care, or were a fool.  Banks aren't in business to lose money.  They're almost as clever as casinos when it comes to making money.  If a fee is lowered one place, it's raised somewhere else.  Force them to lower a bunch of them, and they make it all somewhere else... and probably even more than before.  Cut the fee a bank earns with every debit card transaction, and they'll just force you to make more transactions! 

Maybe I should just stuff all my money in my mattress again.

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  1. this is way i dont like bank accounts but theyre part of the economy now and you cant not having one ( is that gramatically correct?).