Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 80

Kindle to add page numbers

I've never owned a Kindle.  I don't have time to read books on a regular enough basis to own one.  But... I just can't imagine needing page numbers if the thing can keep track of where I last left off.  Seems useless to me.  But, again, what do I know?

AT&T buys T-Mobile
I avoided going with AT&T for a reason... and now this!  Dang, maybe I'll have to go back to Sprint now.  Great.

Gadhafi's momentum stopped
 Don't you just love propaganda?  Yeah, like I really believe this.  We've barely even started, and I'm supposed to believe this "we're winning!!" tripe.  It's just begun, folks.  Mark my words.


  1. not a fan of the kindle, whats wrong with owning regular books?

  2. i was looking to buy a kindle but i cant seem to find enough reasons to justify the buy.