Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

Why the NRA won't talk gun control with Obama

Part "Meetings won't do any good; Obama's men won't listen" and part "If I can't get what I want, then I won't play the game, but I'll still complain when the game doesn't go the way I want."  If the administration in charge feels a certain way, ya gots ta play ball if ya wants to get anywhere.  I tip my hat to their sticking to their guns (pun intended) with not simply spinning their wheels and only wanting to do things that create productive outcomes.  Yet, let's face the fact that this is the way things are done, and they're probably not going to change anything this way.  I hope their ready to lie in the bed that they make. 


  1. what exactly do they need to discuss? Are they looking to weaken regulations against it, such as the insane penalties in New York?

  2. They're not exactly saying that part. Don't know if it's from partisan media coverage or just not something they happened to mention. Does make you wonder, though.

  3. Well, you have to play the game. That's politics.