Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72

Yes, I know I skipped a day.  So sue me.

Democratic senators greeted by cheering crowds in Wisconsin

I'm still baffled a bit by all of this. 

1.  If the Wisconsin public was so supportive of the D's in that state, why did they vote so many R's in to begin with?? 
2.  Is the state truly as broke as the governor claims, or are they full of baloney like others allege? 
3.  Did the governor really avoid meeting with teacher representatives over 10 times months before the bill hit the state senate, thus preventing discussions before all of this made national news? 
4.  Why are the teachers so clingy to collective bargaining when changes most likely need to be made in order to prevent lay offs? 
5.  If D's are supposedly so against fillibusters and what they accomplish, how does their leaving the state not equate to one in and of itself?
6.  If I left my job (i.e. went on strike) on account of principal, does that not mean I just abandoned my job?  Especially if my job was intended to discuss such issues and represent those that voted me in??
     6.a.  Does leaving when things aren't going my way not seem the same as a child's "I'm leaving and taking my ball with me!" attitude?



  1. Love your blog! Totally going to show my support and follow!

  2. Public Sector Unions are so much different than private ones. It's a taxpayer hold up and its finally being dealt with.

  3. I am so confused about what's going on in Wisconsin. Thank god I live in Florida. HOORAY for the whole country separating me from that loonybin.